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Graduated in Geology and PhD in Earth Sciences, I am currently Professor of Engineering Geology and Remote Sensing and Geological Risks lecturer at the Department of Earth Sciences of “Sapienza” University of Rome (the largest University in Europe) and member of CERI (Centro di Ricerca per la Previsione, Prevenzione e Controllo dei Rischi Geologici). Co-Founder of NHAZCA S.r.l., startup of “Sapienza” University of Rome.

I am organizer of several professional training courses in Italy and abroad, including the annual “International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring” that in the last 6 years has seen the participation of over 650 professionals and researchers from over 50 countries and 40 partners of international renown. I have been supervisor of more than 35 Degree and Doctoral Theses on Engineering Geology, Geotechnics and Remote Sensing and invited speaker at several Universities and International Research Centers (France, UK, Ireland, Norway, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Belgium).

I am member of the TRB (Transportation Research Board) Engineering Geology Committee, of the Technical Committee 220 “Field Monitoring in Geomechanics” of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, of the Technical Committee 4.3 Earthworks of PIARC (World Road Association) and auditor of AIGA (Italian Association of Applied and Environmental Geology).

In the last 15 years I have been technical manager of several consulting projects concerning tunnels, oil & gas, dams, quarries, transport infrastructures, landslides and archaeological assets for national and international agencies and companies in more than 15 countries.

I am author of more than 120 scientific papers in journals and proceedings of international conferences on the following topics: a) applied geology (landslides, subsidence, snow avalanches); b) remote sensing; c) geotechnical and structural monitoring; d) terrestrial and satellite radar monitoring systems; e) monitoring of structures and infrastructures; f) geotechnical assets management.

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